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Hard Drive Upgrade & Repalcements

Hard drives come in 2 sizes 2.5" (Laptops) and 3.5" (Desktops) there are various disc storage sizes which can be seen in the right hand column. The hard drive is purely a medium for data storage, although windows creates a temporary virtual memory file on the disc when RAM is limited.

Often and if extra storage space us required, a hard drive fitted in a caddie is used as an external drive, these are cheap and effect and secure alternatives in maintaining a library of music, images or important files.

We will supply, fit, re-install your OS and transfer all your data from an old disc to a new disc, if the disc has major errors or physical damage it may have to be sent to a special laboratory for data retrieval.

Memory (RAM) Upgrades

Modern RAM chips are very reliable and can be used for years without failure. Computer buyers should be aware computer manufacturers often use low capacity RAM chips to keep their costs down and users buying low "spec" computers may be forced to upgrade the RAM to allow to function correctly. This we have experienced on numerous occasions when having to upgrade RAM for clients unaware of the pitfalls of buying a new computer.

We are happy to offer free advice when buying a new computer and make recommendations which best match your budget.

We will also upgrade the RAM on your system and where possible offer a part exchange value for any old working RAM chips.

Screen Replacement

Laptop screens are quite fragile and are easily broken, or experience pixel loss or colour distortion (when one or two colours fade) and the cost of replacing a screen is horrendously expensive if using branded products.A range of generic screens are available at lower costs, but one can expect still expect to pay anything from £90 for a fitted replacement.

Damage in transit can be a major problem, so always buy from a reputable supplier and never buy a second user screen unless you have seen it working in advance.

We have replaced numerous screens in the past, the average cost is around £100.

Contact us for a free estimate to replace your laptop screen.

Wifi Modem Cards & Dongles

Modern laptops are fitted with a wifi and modem card, Desktops may not be and need to be bought seperately.

IEEE 802.11 is a standard media access control for WLAN (local area network) and the protocal for this is an alpha/numeric code used since 1997 they are 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ad. The letters depict the stream rate n/ac/ad being the more powerful.

New Laptops should be fitted with "ac" older laptops are fitted with "g" most dongles sold today are "n" grade, this grading means the further you are from the router the weaker the signal.

Keyboard replacements

Keyboards are the most common unit to malfunction, one key buttons can have four connections and with paper thin wiring they can be easily broken, especially if food and drink are dropped on the buttons.

Crumbs get lodged underneath the buttons and when this breaks a connection hitting the button with focred rarely resolves the problem.

Use the attachment from a vacuum cleaner to suck out any debris to keep the keyboard working for linger.

Keyboards are relatively easy to fit, but as always a cost factor of approximately £40 must be considered.

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